CPanel WordPress got hacked! Check out what to do

Neo Likotsi
Jun 1, 2020 / Neo Likotsi

So your website got hacked

They got to your site. Whether it was beginner hackers, experienced hackers or malware-bots, they've by-passed some back door on your WordPress site. Now your root directory is filled with files and endless directories that mess up your server. I have had to deal with this in the past as a WordPress developer. Thankfully, CPanel has some tools to help you get back on your feet.

Alert systems on the server

If your WordPress site is hacked, and there are some malware-scripts running on your server without your knowledge, your server administrators should have some detection system for ill resource usage. When they identify the cause as your website, they will alert you and most likely suspend your website until you fix it.

Backup strategy

Why restore and not clean up

Beef up security on WordPress

Food for Thought